The bigger than project.

Life happens. Sometimes its wonderful and rainbows and butterflies. And sometimes. Sometimes it really sucks. It's not fair. It's not right. It doesn't make sense. Shit happens. And sometimes. Things don't go as planned. Life gets in the way. Sickness and hospitals and bills. Life gets in the way.

But life is bigger than a diagnosis. It's more than bad news. There is so much more to these stories. 

The Bigger Than Project provides lifestyle sessions for families whose stories are more than their diagnosis. They aren't defined by this one chapter. Sessions are completely free of charge. We hang out. I take photos of your family just life-ing. Reading books and building legos and telling stories and making lunch. All of those little things that are the big things, the things that get rushed and brushed aside when life gets in the way. 

The Bigger Than gives you a different perspective on this chapter. 

The Bigger Than project is inspired by the Ashcroft family. Please consider donating to their donation fund for their two tiny children, now missing a really wonderful dad. 

Know someone who'd benefit from a Bigger Than lifestyle session? Let's chat. 

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