I'm not even going to lie, I'm a bit of a Scrooge. My Christmas tree stresses me out because it messes up my living room. Christmas shopping stresses me out because I over-think gifts. Christmas weather stresses me out because it just MIGHT snow. I wish it could be more of enjoying and less going. 

A few weeks ago we bought tickets to the Minnesota Transportation Museum's Santa's Train Shop. It. Was. AWESOME. Wilson's a truck fan, a train fan, a bus fan. If it has an engine, he's interested. He's been asking to go for a train ride since we did A Day Out With Thomas in Duluth. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to spend some time as a family enjoying the Christmas season while not stressing, losing my mind, or braving the mall to see Santa. 


Sadly, with naps, we squeaked in right at the end of the event. I wish it'd be open until 5 instead of 4, but that's my only complaint. We still had time to get faces painted, ride the train (which was gloriously empty), and wave at Santa (who needs to say hi anyway?). 

If you have a little who would enjoy a ride on a train, exploring all sorts of new things, and free balloon animals, I'd definitely put it on your list for next year. Twin Cities Kids Club does several events with the Transportation Museum throughout the year and it's a great excuse to check out the trains for (sometimes, depending on event) free.