Minnesota winters are long, the days are short, and it's hard to stay inspired. Twelves months in to my project 365, I'm more passionate than ever about getting daily photos of each of my kids life-ing. But winter is HARD. When Melissa over at Melissa Hines Photography announced that she was releasing an e-book all about artificial light, I was SO PUMPED. Upping my lighting game is a goal of mine, but it's not always practical to have a flash around. I wanted to get more comfortable shooting in any indoor lighting situation. 

Melissa Hines Photography's latest e-book, Just Another Light Source: A Guide To Shooting In Available Artificial Light, is AWESOME, by the way. After reading her book, I was so inspired to find new and interesting light sources inside and figure out how to make that light work for me. It's okay to shoot in fluorescent light. It doesn't have to be even. Shadows are your friend. And Kelvin... Kelvin is something I need to practice. 

Her book is all about working with what you have available to you, without dragging out additional gear. I love my flash and my Ice Light 2 (oh, I LOVE my Ice Light), but I want to be comfortable enough to not depend on those tools if I don't want to, and, more importantly, to be confident on our adventures to know how to shoot in any lighting condition. 

Melissa has helped change how I look at - and for - artificial light. I highly suggest you check out her e-book and get yourself inspired for these long winter months. You won't regret it.