Hi. My name is Emily. And my kids had lice.

That's okay, right? Psh. Whatever. It's super okay. Kids get lice. We had lice. It was super gross and gave me the heeby geebies and I still itch, but we survived. Until it comes home from school again.

When our lovely hairdresser informed me that not only would my daughter NOT be getting her hair cut, but that we were infested, I freaked out internally and called The Lice Lounge. Did you know that places like that exist? Because they do. And they're much better at de-bugging you and your squirrly kids than you are. Let's be real. You'll probably miss one. 

Their salon - isn't this the FANCIEST bug-removing place you've ever seen - is fully stocked with tablets and snacks for the kids, big windows, and great light. If it didn't make me itch, I'd want to hang out there and take MORE photos. They're right downtown White Bear Lake, not to far from Primp and next to Upsy Daisy

I highly recommend for your piece of mind, you check these ladies out if you ever find yourself searching for "how to get rid of lice". I hope you don't have to meet them, but if you DO, just do it. They know their nits. 


lice lounge 01
lice lounge 02
lice lounge 03
lice lounge 04