Matilda's been waiting anxiously for her half birthday. I'm not sure how we got started celebrating it, but this is the second year we have, so it's safe to say it's a thing now. She's been asking about it, counting down the days. When she woke up yesterday, she requested a party with cake and games. At her house, because that's where she likes her parties. 

How do you say no to that? You don't. Or I don't. So we did. Matilda let me take some photos of her at my studio. Something that doesn't happen much anymore now that she's in school. We went to the cake store. We were set to party.

She set up different stations - a game table for when people wanted to play games, a coloring table for when people wanted to color. She cleaned her room. She waited really, really patiently all day. Her number one partner in crime and family came over to celebrate. There was pizza and cake and candles. It was wonderful. And she was so, so happy. 

So happy half birthday, Matilda. You're officially closer to 6 than 5 and you're growing up in front of my eyes. You amaze me every day. You are so incredibly creative, I love watching you draw and create and dream. Your pictures amaze me. You are so very imaginative. You love to play school and house and with your little animal families. Your favorite toy, by far, is Samantha, your American Girl doll. She's a member of the family and comes everywhere with us. I'm so happy that you love her so very much. You're learning to read. You're so independent. You are crazy good at explaining stories and situations and directions. I'm amazed at the things you say. I am amazed by you. You're so caring. Even when Wilson drives you absolutely insane, you love him. When you two get along, there is nothing sweeter. He looks up to you so much. He watches you, he learns from you and you love to teach him. You are the best pair.  

Happy, happy half birthday. Thank you for always finding reasons to celebrate and for making life so much more. So full of light and happiness. I love you.