We're going nutty. Winter is hard. I do not like the cold and only like the snow long enough to take a few photos of my kids being Minnesotan and adorable and then I'm done. 

We've been itching to find places to run around and burn off some energy. And it's been so hard to stay inspired with such short days and artificial light gets boring and we're just getting antsy. 

But guys. You should really check this place out. Have you been to The Wishing Tree Cafe in White Bear Lake? Do you have kids under 8? Run. Don't walk. RUN. And when you get there, sit back and drink a celebratory cup of delicious coffee and enjoy the peace and (relative) quite while your kids play for hours in a clean environment. 


We LOVE it here. Matilda loves it just as much as Wilson, which can be hard to find, and both kids can stay entertained for more than an hour. Let's be real. That's kind of a miracle. 

And can we talk about their food for a second? Because it's AMAZING. They make crazy amazing crepes and if you feel like eating super healthy, their salads are AMAZING. Wilson and Matilda approve of their grilled cheese with chips. 

It's almost spring, but they say it's darkest before the dawn (which makes NO SENSE, but whatever.). That just means that winter is about to get longer. And more winter-y. And we're going to get more antsy. And man. This place is a breath of fresh air and it feeds my kids, too. Everyone wins. 

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