Week one in a nutshell. I'm taking pictures of my children every day. There are more goals associated with this like 1. Get in the frame. I didn't do that this week, but I did it LAST week, so that counts? 2. Artificial light and OCF. YES. I sure DID do that! 3. Play with light and shadows. Yup. 

January 1. We went to the zoo after a date at my studio because Timehop reminded us that that's what we'd done the year before. What a wonderful way to ring in the new year, exploring the fish and the monkeys and the penguins at the Minnesota Zoo

January 2. Wilson playing with trucks. Matilda playing The Lice Lounge AKA doll hair salon. 

January 3. When you wake up at 4 am and don't nap, you crash early on dad. No one complained. Matilda. Your table manners are exceptional. 

January 4/5/6. Life. We life'ed. NBD.

January 7. We went to a Twin Cities Mom Blog event at Children's Learning Adventure in Maple Grove, which was THE BOMB by the way. I want to go to daycare there.