The kids played in my room yesterday a lot. The morning was spent playing school in bed, looking at maps and building sentences and writing new sight word cards. Maybe we're just so sick of every other room to play in that mom's room is best. Whatever the reason, the light is lovely and I just painted, so I won't complain. 

Kindergarten, by the way, is the coolest.

The afternoon was full of racing cars and love notes (or like notes). And since when did my child start writing notes to friends? I can't even handle how big she is. How quickly her brain grows. And Wilson. Wilson is saying new words all day, every day. He hears more than I'd care to admit and repeats it, too. Which is wonderful.

The sun is out longer and later and more often. Days are brighter, summer is coming. And this long and lonely winter will soon pass. You guys, brighter days (literally) are coming. So I'm working harder at embracing the now - enjoying the chilly, quiet days, locked in our bedrooms and searching for light. Summer is coming, but winter is here.