Rarely do my Pinterest projects go as planned. Let's be real, I've stopped even trying most of them for fear of the impending failure they're sure to bring. I have really good intentions, but the execution is always a little hurried or I'm missing something or it's just not quite what I had in mind. 

But you guys. This time, I knocked my Pin out of the water. Or my husband did. Either way, it totally happened. 

In the middle of January, my lovely friend Krissa at Vintage Magnolia Photography and I were approached about a pretty quick opening in our building. We'd been dreaming and planning of OUR studio space and the beautiful things we would do to it. We started a board and pinned to our hearts' contents. We had begun to get a little discouraged because there were no openings anywhere we wanted to end up. The spaces weren't right. They were too big. They were in the wrong city. The building was full. Nothing worked. Tears were shed. And then we got the call. And we DID IT. We just dove right in.

Our lease started February 1st and we've been living between the Home Depot and our new studio. We're tired. Our homes are dirty. Our kids spent way too much time on iPads. Our husbands are really sore (because we made them make our Pinterest dreams come true). But you guys. It's here. It's done. It's READY. 

I made my husband build me a giant movable wall. Because I saw one kind of like it on Pinterest and it was EXACTLY what I wanted. And he did it. And it's perfect. 

Oh, and you can rent it by the day. Check it out here. 

Of course, my kids were my test subjects. 

It's wonderful, having this space. It's so wonderful. It is so much of what I've been dreaming of and after so much work, here it is. <3