For my big, summer vacation OFFICIALLY doesn't start until next Friday, but I'll make an exception for this one. We were invited to the MNCommunity's instameet at the almost-reopened Minnesota Children's Museum, which happens to be one of our FAVORITE places. We've been going through major play withdrawals since they closed for renovations in December. Let me tell you a secret. They totally made up for it. Children's Museum, I'm not even mad you closed all winter. It was COMPLETELY WORTH IT. 

You guys. It's so pretty. And light. And clean. And fresh. And and and. Remember the Forces at Play exhibit? How it was this crazy breath of fresh air? The entire building is just like that, but better. 

Wilson's favorite spot (after the new Our World and delivering boxes) was the water table in the Sprouts Gallery. 

Sprouts is the new take on the old favorite, Habitots. Who didn't love Habitots? I sure did. But I don't even miss it (Okay... I do miss that giant window...). This place is HUGE, and their stroller parking lot is impressive. 


We left absolutely soaked, but it was totally worth it. Wilson (clearly) loved the water table, while Matilda explored a tent perfect for playing house or reading books and (carefully) climbing. It'll definitely be a spot we frequent in the fall, once the big one goes back to school and Wilson and I can hang out in toddler-zone without the grade schooler. 

One of Matilda's favorite spots was definitely The Studio. Full of art supplies and all things to create, you can color and sew and cut and make. It's beautiful. Of course she loved it, my tiny artist. 

I have a feeling we'll spend most of our time in Our World. Wilson moves boxes and drives fire trucks. Matilda sets up shop and serves food.